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What are the Important Files on PeopleSoft File Server

As you would know that PeopleSoft has several different components which have their own role to play in PeopleSoft Architecture. These components have different file structures and contains important executables and configuration files. We have listed the directory structure of these major PeopleSoft components and compiled a list of important directories and file within them.

Below are the major components of PeopleSoft System.
1.File server
2.Web server
3.Application Server
5.Batch server / Process scheduler
6.Database server

This post will discuss about the File Server directories and configuration files.

Appserv  Directory

This directory contains the very important executable psadmin.exe through which the appserver and process scheduler are started. Appserver and process scheduler domains are under this directory.

Folders under appserv directory

  • Appserver Domains: Appserver domains are created when appserver is configured.
  • Prcs:               Process schedulerDomains and configuration files present under this folder.
  • Ren:                This directory contains a file psrenconfig which is generated at the time of booting the appserver with event notification settings.

Important files in this directory:

Psntsrv.cfg      If you need to startup the appserver/process scheduler automatically at the time of the server reboot, specify the domain names in this file.
Psadmin.exe    This is an executable by which you create appserver and process scheduler domains.
Jrepository       This is a file helpful for the Jrepserv process to function properly
Psappsrv.psx   Template file for messaging sections of cfg and ubx files
Pswebserv.ini  This file contains the path of the tuxedo web server configuration files

Bin Directory

This directory contains all the executable such as pside.exe, psdmt.exe, psnvs.exe which invokes Peoplesoft applications. Also it contains the bin path of sqr executable.

Folders under this directory:

  • Client – > Winx86

Important files under this directory:

Psae:                Application engine program executable
Psbitest:           This is an executable by which business interlinks are tested.
Pscfg:              It’s an executable with which the Configuration details are set such as the PS_HOME, sqr bin path, nvision path, connect id etc
Pscrrun:           Used for running the crystal reports
Psdmt:             Executable used to run Datamover scripts
Pside:              Executable to invoke the application designer
Psmail:             Executable used to send emails with the help of the SMTP settings available in the appserver and process scheduler configuration files.
Psnvs:              Used for running nvision reports
Psqed:             It’s used for running the queries to excel
Pscvtrpt:          This executable is used for removing the database information from the crystal reports.
Psdbgprc:        This is an executable required for the peoplecode debugger to function properly.

  • Server

Sqr -> Ora -> Binw

Important files under Binw directory: 

Sqrw:               Executable used to run sqr programs
Sqrwt:             Executable used to run the compiled sqr programs which are of the format sqt

  • Class:              This directory contains jar files
  • Crw:               This directory contains the crystal report files
  • Data:               This directory contains the dat files which are used to import into the database.
  • Dict:                This directory contains dictionary files
  • Excel:              This directory contains excel files
  • JRE:               This directory contains java executables and some dll files

Important files under this directory:

 Java.exe & Javaw.exe:            To run java based applications

  •  Nvision:        Nvision files are present in this directory
  • Projects:        Peoplesoft supplied projects are present in this directory. The folder PPLTLS84CUR under this directory contains a file ppltls84cur which has the
    peopletools release information.
  • Scripts:           Datamover scripts are available in this directory
  • Setup:              This contains executables for installing the PIA and also has upgrade assistant executable

Important files under this directory:

Pstools.cfg:     Contains the default parameters for the configuration settings
Cblbld:            Used to compile COBOL programs

  • Setup -> PsUa:           This directory contain files to perform tools upgrade using Upgrade Assistant
  • Setup -> mpinternet:           This directory contains files to install PIA.
  • Sqr:                 All the Peoplesoft supplied sqr files are available in this directory

Pssqr.ini:          The PSSQR.INI file is the initialization file for SQR v4.x.  This file contains settings and parameters used by the compile and execution phases.

  •  Src:                 COBOL programs, COBOL dms are present in this directory
  • Tuxedo:          This is the tuxedo home where the tuxedo executables and bat files are present



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