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What is PeopleSoft Batch Environment

What is PeopleSoft Batch Environment?

  1. Its a combination of databases, the batch server, the process files (located on the batch server or elsewhere) any clients that run batch routines and all process scheduler services.
  2. Batch environment allows us to run pre programmed routines either on demand or on a scheduler.
  3. Along with its work to generate reports and posting them, it can be used to schedule actual data changes, such as posting entries to the General Ledger.
  4. You can submit and scheduler PeopleSoft Batch jobs which can then be processed by Batch Scheduler/Process Scheduler.

Types of BATCH routines delivered by PeopleSoft     

PeopleSoft Reporting Tools

  1. Crystal Reports
  2. SQR
  3. PS NVISION (Ms Excel 2000)

Data Tools

  1. COBOL
  2. Application Engine
  3. SQR