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5 fairly new terms in PeopleSoft applications you may not know about

In last few years, PeopleSoft technology has evolved a lot with addition of new tools, techniques and processes. If you haven’t been paying attention and are still working on old PeopleTools then you’re missing a lot on these exciting new features such as Fluid, Classic Plus, PUM , Elastic search etc. Introduction of all these […]

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How to Manually Install Elasticsearch on Linux

Continuing with the topic of manually installing Elasticsearch, we first covered the need for manual install and performed manual install of Elasticsearch on Windows and in this post, we’ll cover installation of Elasticsearch on Linux. There have been two options to download Elasticsearch, one via Oracle Cloud and another one via My Oracle Support. Unfortunately […]

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Error: Failed to start ‘elasticsearch-service-x64’ service

Sometimes Elasticsearch service installation on Windows goes fine but when starting the service Elasticsearch, it does not start or it starts but dies after a few seconds. If you’d visit the <ES_HOME>\logs directory, you will be able to see what is going wrong. You see error like the one listed below: [info]  [12056] Starting service… […]

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