How Does PeopleSoft Works | PeopleSoft Tutorial

How Does PeopleSoft Works

PeopleSoft Architecture has several components but it becomes important to understand the complete flow of transactions in PeopleSoft. Below post will help your understand how PeopleSoft works and how a request sent by an user is interpreted and results sent back to user. It will not only help technical team but anyone who wants to learn PeopleSoft or implement PeopleSoft soutions can have a better understanding of whole PeopleSoft Architecture.


PeopleSoft Architecture

 How PeopleSoft Works

1)               Link interpreted as URL address by Web browser, which includes the name of a servlet on the Web server.

2)               Servlet running in the servlet engine interprets request and comes up with a list of objects that are required to build the page.

3)               Request for all required objects sent to application server in the form of a Jolt message.

4)               Tuxedo receives the Jolt message, and converts it into a service request, which it routes to the appropriate PeopleSoft server process.

5)               PeopleSoft process converts service request into SQL statement(s).

6)               SQL statement(s) sent to database

7)               Data requested is supplied by the database.

8)               PeopleSoft process constructs HTML page out of object data.

9)               Tuxedo acknowledges receipt of data and closes connection with the PeopleSoft process.

10)          Data forwarded by Tuxedo to requesting Java servlet.

11)          Servlet forwards page requested by browser.

12)          When all objects are in place, HTML page forwarded to the Web services.

13)          Browser views page.