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How To Apply a PeopleSoft Patch

Patches are nothing but some small changes which need to be applied to your PeopleSoft application. The changes which come in a patch are usually related to security or application stability. They are known as patch because they cannot wait till the planned future bundle release.

In People Soft, a patch can either be applied at the PeopleSoft application level or PeopleSoft PeopleTools level. 

Here we are applying patch 8.45 on People Tools 8.45

Steps of patching

  1. Backup your PS_HOME for all the servers
  2. Shut down any application server, web servers and Process Scheduler Services
  3. Stop EM Agents Using

a)      <PS_HOME>/PSEMAgent/StopAgent.bat

b)      StopAgent

  1. Download the Patch From customer connection

  1. Run /cd84547\setup.exe
  2. Provide the License code you need to install the People Tolls 8.4x CD and install the Patched components to all of the appropriates People Soft Server

a)      Application Server

b)      Web Servers

c)      Batch Servers

d)      File Server

e)      Database Servers

  1. Install the Patch on top of your existing High level PeopleSoft Folder
  2. Logon to DataMover as a PeopleSoft User (PSDMO) Using PT 8.45.14
  3. Run the Script <PS_HOME>\scripts\PTPATCH.DMS
  4. Copy Patch Project

a)      Using People Tolls 8.45.14 Launch Application Designer, and sign on to the Database as a Peoplesoft Users.

b)      Select Tolls, Copy Project from File

c)      Enter <PS_HOME>\Projects And Select PATCH845 from the list of Projects

d)      Select Copy (this will import the PeopleTools 8.45.14 Database changes directly into your Database)

e)      Select Options and Highlight the Languages common and English ONLY

f)        Select Copy and Begin copying updated People Tolls objects to your Database


  1. Load the People Tools messages and Data

a)      Logon to DataMover bootstrap Mode as the database owner using PT8.45.14

b)      Run <PS_HOME>\SCRIPTS\MSGTLSUPG.DMS to load the updated messages into your database.

c)      Run <PS_HOME>\SCRIPTS\MCFCT1845.DMS to load the updated data into your database

d)      Run <PS_HOME>\SCRIPTS\TSUPGNONCOMP.DMS to Load the updated data into your database.

e)      Close DataMover

12 Run the SQL scripts using SQLPLUSW

13.setup \mpinternet

Reinstall the Business interlink SDK if distributed business interlinks are used. This step is not necessary for non-distributed business interlinks.

14.Once installation is complete, restart your application server, Web Server and Batch Server.

15.Restart EM Agent Using

a)      <PS_HOME>/PSEMAgent/StartAgent.bat