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Loading Order of Custom JAR Files for an Application Server Domain

PeopleTools comes with pre-defined classes, which don’t need any additional setup if you need to use them.  If you want to access third-party Java classes or your own custom Java classes in the PeopleTools environment (that is, access these classes through PeopleCode), you must place the class files in specified locations or include the class files […]

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Mandatory Processes in PeopleSoft Application Server

People soft processes are designed to communicate with database. At the direction of WSH/JSH, the PS process queries the database and objects using SQL. The Mandatory PS processes are 1.     PSAPPSRV 2.     PSSAMSRV 3.     PSQRYSRV 4.     PSQCKSRV 5.     Specialized Services PSDBGSRV PSOPTENG PSBRKDSP PSBRRHND PSPUBDSP  (Dispatcher) PSPUBHND (Handler) PSSUBDSP PSSUBHDN What are these PeopleSoft processes […]

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What are Tuxedo Processes

TUXEDO stands for Transactions for UniX Extended for Distributed Operations. Tuxedo is one of the most important base on which PeopleSoft Application Server is based. When an application server is booted there are several Tuxedo services that are started along with other Application Server processes. A)  BBL: ( Bulletin Board Liaison) The Bulletin Board Liaison […]

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