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Restart PUBSUB Without Restarting Application Server

There are occasions when you will need to bounce the appserver for the the purpose of just the integration broker. Bouncing the appserver does cause pain, especially in a live environment. Today you will come to know of a trick, which will help you bounce only the PUBSUB services of the appserver and leaving all […]

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Mandatory Processes in PeopleSoft Application Server

People soft processes are designed to communicate with database. At the direction of WSH/JSH, the PS process queries the database and objects using SQL. The Mandatory PS processes are 1.     PSAPPSRV 2.     PSSAMSRV 3.     PSQRYSRV 4.     PSQCKSRV 5.     Specialized Services PSDBGSRV PSOPTENG PSBRKDSP PSBRRHND PSPUBDSP  (Dispatcher) PSPUBHND (Handler) PSSUBDSP PSSUBHDN What are these PeopleSoft processes […]

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What are Tuxedo Processes

TUXEDO stands for Transactions for UniX Extended for Distributed Operations. Tuxedo is one of the most important base on which PeopleSoft Application Server is based. When an application server is booted there are several Tuxedo services that are started along with other Application Server processes. A)  BBL: ( Bulletin Board Liaison) The Bulletin Board Liaison […]

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What is JOLT and related processes

PeopleSoft application server relies on Jolt, a companion product that co-exists with Tuxedo, to handle all web requests. In other words, Jolt is the bridge between PeopleSoft application server and the web server (any supported one) that facilitates web communication. Tuxedo helps schedule PeopleSoft application server processes to perform the actual transactions. When the application […]

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PeopleSoft Application Server Configuration

Before you can start using the PeopleSoft application, you need to configure the PeopleSoft Application Server. This post details how to configure a PeopleSoft Appplication Server using PSADMIN utility then simply follow the below steps. Below document is prepared for PT 8.45 and can be used to configure application server domain on other PeopleTools versions […]

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PeopleSoft Application Server Failed to Boot “Could not allocate bulletin board shared memory”

PeopleSoft application server is one which you’d starting and shutting down quite often. Though PeopleSoft application server is quite stable and usually is pretty straight forward to configure and once you get it to work, it is very unlikely to give you any sort of a problem. There are a few errors, which might show […]

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