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Error in invoking target ‘links proc gen_pcscfg procob rtsora profor

When executing PeopleTools DPK, you might encounter an error like: Starting the Deployment of PeopleSoft Components: Deploying PeopleTools Components: [FAILED] Apart from the above mentioned error, there may not enough information, which could provide you a hint of where the issue is. Let us try to debug one of such situations.What you can do is look at psft_dpk_setup_apply.log […]

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How to Deploy Multiple DPKs with Different Puppet Versions on the Same Machine

A PeopleTools DPK may be shipped with the same or different version of Puppet as compared to a different version of PeopleTools DPK.  For example, PeopleTools 8.58 DPK comes with Puppet version 5.5.14 whereas PeopleTools 8.57 DPK comes with Puppet version 5.3.5.   It is a common practice to install multiple PeopleSoft application or multiple PeopleTools on […]

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