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Error – Search Definition PTSEARCHREPORTS was not properly deployed (262,169)

After upgrading to PeopleTools 8.54, you may notice that the SES index crawl process keeps running at a scheduled time and fails with the below error. Interesting thing is that you’re likely to find this error in all the applications that have been upgraded to 8.54 irrespective of the fact whether or not it is a 9.1 […]

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EQG-30237: Crawler plug-in warning: EQP-80330: Unrecognized QName <>:ErrorMessage

If you have deployed an index and crawled it, say PTPORTALREGISTRY – when you run a search against it, you receive an error like “No results were returned. Refine your search by entering a different keyword” Go to <SES Home>/logs/crawler/crawler and check the logs. You need to view the log, which has the name like search.crawler.i1ds*.mmdd* […]

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PeopleSoft SES Error: what do i do: seems an odd quirk of the EJB spec. The exception is:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Monday mornings are usually not great because apart from the weekend being over, there is always something that won’t work and it is usually due to weekend maintenance/upgrade work. Today I found all my SES index jobs showing the same error as shown below: Integration Broker encountered an error (262,1020) PT_SEARCH.SESIMPL.MESSAGE.SESRequest.OnExecute  N ame:Send  PCPC:688  Statement:16 […]

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NotFoundException (219,3101) PTFP_FEED.FeedFactory.OnExecute Name:getFeed PCPC:8132 Statement: 122 Called from PTSF_DP_SBO_WRK.PTSF_UNDEPLOY_BTN.FieldChange Statement 24 %1 with ID=”%2″ could not be found.

This error usually comes after a database refresh has happened. Root cause of the error is that the application database and the SES database have gone out of sync. The error show up when you try to undeploy a SES index and when you try to do “Report Sync Issue,” nothing happens. The error reads […]

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