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What are Important Files on PeopleSoft Web Server

As you would know that PeopleSoft has several different components which have their own role to play in PeopleSoft Architecture. These components have different file structures and contains important executables and configuration files. We have listed the directory structure of these major PeopleSoft components and compiled a list of important directories and file within them.

Below are the major components of PeopleSoft System.
1.File server
2.Web server
3.Application Server
5.Batch server / Process scheduler
6.Database server

This post will discuss about the PeopleSoft Web Server directories and configuration Files.

  • Weblogic, the Webserver can be installed on Windows or Unix OS.
  • Weblogic can have different versions with appropriate service packs as per the installed tools and application version

Config.xml                    This XML file is helpful at the time of booting this Webserver  domain. Any changes in this file can abrupt the functioning of the Peoplesoft n-tier environment.
setEnv.cmd                 This bat file has the environment variables such as JRE home set.
StartPIA.cmd             This bat file starts Weblogic for the specified domain.
StopPIA.cmd              This bat file stops Weblogic for the specified domain.
Configuration.properties:    This file has information about the appserver, jolt port, http and https port, Webserver settings
Psp.class:                      This servlet interacts with the Webserver and appserver. The psp.class servlet program establishes a connection to handle your browser’s connection
on the web server side.