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Function Based Indexes in PeopleSoft

Those who have not comes across performance issues in PeopleSoft, especially PeopleSoft on Oracle might not be aware of this thing called performance issues due to function based indexes. PeopleSoft has given a lot of headache to Oracle database engineers as well as customers when it comes to function based indexes. By definition, a function-based […]

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SQL Profiles in Oracle

Oracle Databases have an interesting concept called SQL profiles. A SQL profile is a set of information for the optimizer, which is specific to a SQL statement. Conceptually, a SQL profile is to a SQL statement what statistics are to a table or an index. The database can use this information to improve execution plans. […]

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PeopleSoft Performance Benchmarks

Performance is one aspect, which can never satisfy a person on. It is just not enough to keep improving the performance. Oracle understands this and regularly releases Benchmark papers on the same. Advantage of using these benchmarks is that the benchmarks show a level of acceptable performance and you can tune your application to meet […]

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Enabling Automated SQL Tuning in Oracle 11g

You need to identify if Automatic SQL Tuning job is enabled and regularly running. Use the following query to determine if any Automatic SQL Tuning jobs are enabled: SELECT client_name, status, consumer_group, window_group FROM dba_autotask_client ORDER BY client_name; If the Automatic SQL Tuning job is enabled, you will see something like this:       […]

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Performance Tuning by Identifying Poor SQLs using v$

To a user, an application is never fast enough to satisfy his/her needs. Similarly, to a database administrator, an application is never fast enough to satisfy the needs of the user community. Perception and unreasonable expectations are definitely a cause. However, , insufficient hardware, poorly tuned application code, a poorly tuned database, or an architecture that doesn’t […]

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PeopleSoft Performance Tuning Using OEM

PeopleSoft Admins or PeopleSoft DBAs or Oracle DBAs know the importance of finding, analyzing, and correcting resource-intensive SQL statements. Those shops which run PeopleSoft on Oracle can make use of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) in isolating and analyzing troublesome SQL statements.  Using OEM, a DBA can quickly discover the SQL statements most responsible for performance degradation and then drill […]

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PeopleSoft Remote Cobol Error

While running a PeopleSoft appengine program, especially in case of Payroll Interface appengine program, PI_PIRUN, you are likely to encounter a situation where the app engine program fails with an error, which is similar to “…..did not complete in allowed time (50 seconds). Killing process (2, -1)” If the process is submitted to the process […]

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