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Quickly Change Translate Values from PIA

You might know that you can modify translate values for PeopleSoft field from Application Designer by simply opening the field properties and navigating to ‘Translate Values’ tab. To perform this action, you need to have access to application designer. But did you know you could do the same from PIA very quickly? Yes, you can […]

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Error when invoking PeopleSoft Application Designer

Recently, I was working on one of my old desktop system which I use to test different setups & new things in PeopleSoft and as I was trying to invoke Application Designer on PeopleTools 8.55, I got this weird error which I hadn’t seen earlier. Error when invoking PeopleSoft Application Designer (pside.exe). I was invoking […]

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Unable to open PeopleTools objects in Application Designer

PeopleSoft developers regularly use PeopleSoft Application Designer to view/modify PeopleTools Objects such as fields, records, pages, components etc. Developer’s login access to Application Designer is controlled by PeopleSoft Security configured in PIA. Depending on user’s role you can grant read/write access or read only access. In both the cases developer should be able to open […]

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