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PTPSQLRT – Error Encountered

After PeopleTools Upgrade, you need to compile Cobol programs and the entire process becomes trickier if you have custom Cobols, or if you use a custom compile script instead of the usual process laid out by Oracle and MicroFocus. Due to this it is pretty common to face Cobol issues post-PeopleTools upgrade. In this article, […]

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Error: Micro Focus License Manager service is not running

Trying to run COBOL process from PeopleSoft Process Scheduler and getting ‘Micro Focus License Manager service is not running’ ? In most of the cases it happens when you change or upgrade your windows server on which process scheduler is hosted. Micro Focus License Manager Service is required on run-time systems where compiled COBOLs are […]

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PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler Options

Purpose of this article is to answer FAQs about PeopleSoft and COBOL Compilers and let you know the PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler options you have. Some PeopleSoft applications use routines written in COBOL. Since COBOL is primarily suited to batch processing, you’ll likely use COBOL with applications like PeopleSoft Payroll. There are two components for running […]

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PeopleSoft Remote Cobol Error

While running a PeopleSoft appengine program, especially in case of Payroll Interface appengine program, PI_PIRUN, you are likely to encounter a situation where the app engine program fails with an error, which is similar to “…..did not complete in allowed time (50 seconds). Killing process (2, -1)” If the process is submitted to the process […]

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