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Converting Descending Indexes in PeopleTools 8.54

From PeopleTools 8.54 release, Oracle descending indexes are no longer supported. When upgrading from a previous PeopleTools release, these descending indexes need to be recreated as ascending indexes by first identifying them, dropping them and then creating them again. You might also want to make sure your upgrade plan accommodates considerable time towards this effort […]

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Fluid Navigation Bar Not Visible in Internet Explorer

The best feature of PeopleTools 8.54 is Fluid Interface and you have decided to use it for your PeopleSoft application. You have spent hours and days creating lots of Fluid pages and now trying to access it from your desktop browser. But you don’t see Fluid features in your application. What’s the cause? Below post […]

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Switching PeopleSoft Home Page from Classic mode to Fluid UI on Desktop computers

Firstly, make sure you’ve enabled the Fluid UI for desktop computers. Now based on your personalization settings, you would be either shown a Fluid UI home page or classic home page. Default setting for desktop computers is to show classic home page. To switch from Classic Home page to Fluid UI , Click on NavBar […]

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TMUSREVT.EXE is known as Tuxedo Event Broker and is a new process added in PeopleTools 8.54. It’s used for Push Notification feature in PT 8.54. To receive push notifications on a PeopleSoft system, you have to enable push notifications for the server domains where the events are being published. Events are published from application server […]

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