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PeopleSoft Billing – Overview

The PeopleSoft Billing Module is used for generating customer invoices for the goods or services sold by an organization. You can create manual invoices or get data from various other modules to create customer invoices. PeopleSoft provides number of batch processes that can be used to automate the entire invoicing process. One of the most […]

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PeopleSoft Sourcing – Approval Workflow Setup

PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing uses the Approval Workflow Engine to define approvals for events and sourcing plans. To turn on approval process for any business unit, we can use “Event Approval” process. If a newly posted event does not fall under a business unit with active approval, no approval process will be run for that event. […]

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What is ChartField Combination Edit

Chartfield Combination Edit is a PeopleSoft delivered feature to set and enforce criteria for filtering out unwanted journal entry lines to ledgers based on combinations of ChartFields and their values. We can populate valid combinations in table COMBO_DATA_TBL and mandate to check all Manual Journals against these combinations. It can be done with two methods: Create […]

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ChartField Request and Approval

In PeopleSoft FSCM, ‘ChartField Request’  page gives an option to request any additions or modifications of the ChartField values and to submit them for approval. Once approved, the process saves the new ChartField value to the corresponding base tables. Chartfield Request and Approval option will provide an effective and efficient way of managing ChartField. It’ll […]

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PeopleSoft WorkCenter Introduction

Prior to PeopleSoft 9.2 application release, users had to navigate through several pages in order to complete their everyday activities. Activities like entering data, resolving exceptions, running processes, reports, queries etc. involve a lot of decision-making. Decision makers had to “click” through numerous menu selections or save shortcuts (customize menu) to access data while making […]

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Processing in PeopleSoft FSCM

In order to have a good understanding of PeopleSoft finance, you must learn how accounting entries are created and processing is done. There are several processes and terms that you need to be familiar with to get a better grasp of PeopleSoft FSCM module. In this post you will learn about accounting entry creation and processing in PeopleSoft […]

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Journal Processing in PeopleSoft General Ledger

What are Journal Entries? Any financial transactions in PeopleSoft General Ledger are recorded in the form of Journal Entries. They have the following features: Consist of header and lines Follow double entry system i.e. they have debits and credits Journals must be balanced i.e. debit equal to credit Journal header is saved in Jrnl_Header table Journal lines […]

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PeopleSoft Payables Integration Points

PeopleSoft Payables offers a lot of integration points with other PeopleSoft applications from Oracle that you have purchased, such as: PeopleSoft Asset Management PeopleSoft Billing PeopleSoft Claims Management PeopleSoft Cost Management PeopleSoft eSettlements PeopleSoft Expenses PeopleSoft General Ledger PeopleSoft Inventory PeopleSoft Pay/Bill Management PeopleSoft Payroll PeopleSoft Project Costing PeopleSoft Purchasing PeopleSoft Real Estate Management PeopleSoft […]

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What is PeopleSoft Payables?

What is PeopleSoft Payables? Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payables a part of PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications and is integral to PeopleSoft’s procure to pay solution. At core, it a basically a processing center that processes the payment of liabilities of an organization. PeopleSoft Payables provides automated invoice and payment processing to ensure timely and accurate […]

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What are ChartFields in PeopleSoft?

Before we discuss ChartFields in PeopleSoft, let us discuss two terms before that – Account and Chart of Accounts. What is an Account? An account is a separate record of each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.It shows the beginning balance, increase and/or decrease and ending balance for a specific time period. For […]

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PeopleSoft FSCM : Authorization Error While Adding Suppliers

If any of your Finance users complain about being unable to add new suppliers in PeopleSoft FSCM and they are getting authorization error then there it means there is something missing in security setup. Error received by user is “You are not authorized to enter suppliers.  Contact your system administrator. (7025,9) Your operator profile indicates […]

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