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Overview of PeopleSoft

Want to know what is PeopleSoft, how PeopleSoft works, whether PeopleSoft is fit for your ERP solution or simply want to learn PeopleSoft. Below post will help you get the answers of such questions which are related to overview of PeopleSoft.

Evolution of PeopleSoft

  • 1987   – Addressing organizational Human Relations departments, from recruitment to retirement. Managing the payroll, benefits, travel, expenses, and vacation of all employees was the key focus of the first PeopleSoft product.
  • 1997 – release of PeopleSoft 7, they upgraded the supply chain and finance modules, and added the functionality for analyzing business data.
  • January 2000 – PeopleSoft 8 saw the addition of a module for customer relationship management through the acquisition of Vantive Corporation

PeopleSoft Products Lines & Solutions

8 Product Lines
•Campus Solutions
•Customer Relationship Management
•Enterprise Performance Management
•Financial Management
•Human Capital Management
•Service Automation
•Supplier Relationship Management
•Supply Chain Management
•29 Process Solutions
•201 Modules

PeopleSoft Architecture Core Components

PeopleSoft Enterprise Solution consists of several core components which are required for functioning of PeopleSoft Software. All these core components are interconnected and send/receive data and information required for processing of business needs.

Database Server
  • Oracle ( 8i, 9i ,10g, 11i)
  • MS Sql Server
  • DB2 , Informix , Sybase
Web server
  • BEA Web Logic
  • IBM WebSphere
Application server 
           It is known as the heart of PeopleSoft and processes all the business logic.
NT File server
         Batch server – used for running PeopleSoft processes and reports e.g. application engine , sqr reports etc.
Client  ( Any Internet  Browser)
          PeopleSoft Internet Architecture is accessed via a URL and can be easy browsed from any operating system and device which has a browser. You can access Peoplesoft from your iPhone, iPad or any other device that has Peoplesoft supported browsers.
  • Internet explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Netscape navigator
Third Party Objects / Components
  • SQR
  • N Visions
  • Crystal Objects
  • Java Objects / Components
  • Supports C++ ,VB COM  objects for processing the business logic with help of component interfaces.

PeopleSoft 2 Tier Architecture

2 tier architecture of PeopleSoft Application depicts direct connection between PeopleTools and Database. Best example of  this 2 tier architecture is PeopleSoft Tools like PeopleSoft Application Designer and PeopleSoft Datamover Tool. These tools make direct connection with PeopleSoft Database and are used by PeopleSoft developers and administrators.

PeopleSoft 3 Tier Architecture (Logical)

In 3 tier setup of PeopleSoft architecture, PeopleSoft Application Designer doesn’t connect to PeopleSoft Database directly. Instead it connects to Application Server using Tuxedo and then Application Server in turn connects with Database. Application Server communicates with Database using SQL queries.
3 tier Logical setup is sometimes required when a developer wants to log into Application designer in 3 tier mode. There are few features which are only available when logged in Application Designer in 3 tier mode.  PeopleSoft Configuration Manager needs to be configured to add details related to Application Server domain and port numbers.

PeopleSoft 3 Tier Architecture (Physical)

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Complete end to end architecture of PeopleSoft servers is know as Peoplesoft Internet Architecture as shown below.

Browser communicates with Webserver using HTTP/HTTPS ports.

Webserver communicates with Application Server using JOLT port.

Application Server communicates with Database using SQL commands.


PIA Security (Physical)

Here is a detailed overview diagram of PIA and it includes the different components of PeopleSoft. Application Messaging Gateway is needed to send/receive IB messages to/from 3rd parties.

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (Detailed)

As you can see from the below diagram that there are several processes and protocols that are used in PeopleSoft architecture, so understanding of each of those components requires a deeper understanding of concepts at each layer of the PeopleSoft. We will discuss about each of those in separate sections.

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