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How to use Join in PSQuery

Whenever you need to get data from 2 tables, you can use join on those tables using PSQuery. Joins retrieve data from more than one table, presenting the data as if it came from one table. PSQuery links the tables, based on common columns, and links the rows on the two tables by common values in […]

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How to schedule a PeopleSoft PS Query?

PS Query is an important tool to get information from PeopleSoft tables. Mostly users run PS Query directly from Query Manager to get the output. But you can also schedule any PS Query to setup one or more runs of a query. Recurrence can be set to run query on daily, weekly, monthly basis or […]

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PeopleSoft Query – Which Tables are Involved?

PeopleSoft Query is a great way to retrieve information from PeopleSoft without having to write the complex SQL queries. However, as a PeopleSoft admin – there may be situations when you need to seek information from the PeopleSoft Query tables. For example, find out the private queries of a PeopleSoft user; Convert all private queries […]

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