Components of a PeopleSoft System | PeopleSoft Tutorial

Components of a PeopleSoft System

PeopleSoft Enterprise Solution is made up of an architecture which involves usage of several types of servers each playing a critical  part in the functioning of PeopleSoft Application. Here is a listing of PeopleSoft Components with a brief description of services it provides. If you want to read more about each of these components, you can check out other other posts related to PeopleSoft Architecture.


      • Fundamental to the entire structure
      • IBM – DB2
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Sybase
      • Informix
      • SQL for all

Application Server

      • Technology Stack is in Tuxedo Application Server

The Database Catalog :

      • Describes all the objects in the database

People Tools tables :

      • Describes the Application data and contains the source code for much of PeopleSoft Application
      • Contains the user data
      • All exist in same schema
      • Application Designer saved in People Tools
      • Compile in cache format interpreted by the Application Server
      • Two Data Dictionary

Tuxedo Application Server :

        • Runtime
        • Application Server
        • Interpret – Application Data from PeopleSoft table
        • Execute the business logic
        • Generate HTML Pages

People Tools :

        • Customization
        • PeopleSoft Upgrades
        • Define Records
        • Table/view
        • Creating People Codes
        • Application Design
        • Debug

Defining Pages

      • HTML
      • Generated PS
      • Displayed – Webserver

Defining Menus


  • Sets of Projects
  • Patches

Data movers

  • Export/import of Data
  • Patches
  • Migration
  • Run only in 2 tier mode

Upgrade Assistant

  • PeopleSoft upgrades
  • Patched ProcessApplication Engine

Batch Processing

SQR – Repository & Batch Processing

PeopleSoft Query

  • User can develop ADHOC Generate without  knowing SQL
  • Migrate through Application Designers

Crystal Report:

  • Graphic Report PeopleSoft ODBC Process
  • PeopleSoft queries
  • Only runs in Windows


  • General Ledgers
  • Drill down Reports