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What are Important Files on PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

As you would know that PeopleSoft has several different components which have their own role to play in PeopleSoft Architecture. These components have different file structures and contains important executables and configuration files. We have listed the directory structure of these major PeopleSoft components and compiled a list of important directories and file within them.

Below are the major components of PeopleSoft System.
1.File server
2.Web server
3.Application Server
5.Batch server / Process scheduler
6.Database server

This post will discuss about the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server directories and configuration Files.

  • Peopletools Process Scheduler is a centralized tool that enables application developers, system administrators, and application users to manage PeopleSoft batch processes. Using the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA), you can access a list of processes through a web browser and queue and run a process request
  • Process scheduler can be on NT or Unix OS, by the way it’s called as PSNT/PSUNX.
  • Process scheduler is again a collection of processes such as PSAESRV, PSPRCSRV, and PSDSTSRV… These processes are started using the psadmin.exe utility
  • More than one domain can be configured in a Process scheduler server

Process Scheduler Location: PS_HOME/appserv/prcs

LOG_OUTPUT:       This contains the output of the files generated by the process scheduler.

LOGS:                             This directory contains the tuxedo log, process scheduler log and distributor services log.

Psprcs.cfg:                  This file contains the parameters like the database name, sqrbin, oracle bin etc

 Psprcsrv.ubb:         PSADMIN invokes a PeopleSoft developed sub-program named UBBGEN, which takes the configuration parameters and builds the file psprcsrv.ubb

Psprcsrv.ubx:           This is a domain template file which has all the parameters.UBBGEN will open the file psprcsrv.ubb, process it and produce this file.

Psprcsrv.val:             This is a validation file which validates the entry in the configuration file such as the database type, jolt port limitation etc.

Psprcsrv.env:           This file has the information about the path to appserver executables and path information for database connectivity

PSTUXCFG:                This is the configuration file generated by loading the psprcsrv.ubb file using the tuxedo load command (tmloadcf). This is a binary file and is used while the domain is booted.


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    Is it possible to change the Process Scheduler Server PSNT to PSNT1 ? if it is possible, in which tables we have to change the server name.

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