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What are the Processes running on Process Scheduler


  1. The server agent is responsible for starting all server processes
  2. Ever fifteen seconds it looks into the process request for server processes that are scheduled to run
  3. If nothing is scheduled the server agent “sleeps for 15 seconds and checks again
  4. If a server process is scheduled the server agent combines the data in the table (PROCESS REQUEST TABEL,PSPRCSRQST) with the process file information found in PSPRCS.CFG  and launches the process then it sleeps again.


  1. The distribution agent posts the reports and system log files to the report repository
  2. When the PSPRCSSRV server detects that a process has finished it sends the post report “BEA TUXEDO” service request to the distribution agent to initiate the transfer of the report


  1. Processes application engine requests
  2. This server must be configured to run if any application engine requests are to be processed by this process scheduler domain


  1. This is a specialized application engine server to run application engine based programs with a proces type of optimization engine.
  2. Using a BEA TUXEDO request the PSAEOSRV server communication to the PSOPTENG service
  3. This process the majority of the programe logic


  1. Process the core tasks in an optimization engine program


  1. A New daemon process that can be set upto run continuously
  2. When the process schedular is running and is intented for recurrent application engine jobs