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OCD Obsessive Coding Disorder

Sysadmin - Because even developers need heroes

No Email, No Work

Programmer Powered by Caffeine


Virtual Meetings  Specials

Working from Home

Keep Calm & Mute your Mic

Meeting - Oh no, Not again

Mute Yourself

Coffee Break

Things I hate 

Funny Sarcastic Office Tees

Fix my Internet, I'm a developer

CAUTION I curse when I debug code

If it broke, it ain't my peoplecode

Breaking news - I don't care

Breaking Code

Life Sleep Eat Code

No I will not fix your computer

Think. Ask. I don't have time for stupid questions

My opinion offended you ? You should hear what I keep to myself

Psadmin Special

PSADMIN Characteristics

PSADMIN, I will be there for you

Please clear your cache

Developer Admin DBA All in one package

Sysadmin because even developers need heroes

PUM #bugged

Update Manager- It't not a bug, it's a feature

Don't bug me when I'm busy with bugs

I get paid to play with bugs PUM

System is slow because you wrote a bad SQL

System is slow because you wrote a bad sql

DBA because superhero is not an official job title

Keep calm and let the DBA handle it 

Keep Calm and Upgrade

Developer Rocks

Eat Sleep Peoplecode Repeat

life sleep eat code

The code doesn't work, Why ? The Code works, Why ?

My code works, I have no idea why.

Void, a place of no return

Born to Code

There are 2 types of people (MAXEFFDT)


I don't always test my code, when I do , I do it in production

I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code

I write Peoplecode. What's your superpower


Developer, because superhero is not an official job title

I turn coffee into code

I hate programming, It works, I Love Programming

I code, therefore I am

Front end developer

Coding is my Cardio

Coding Girl, like a normal girl but cooler

Coder definition

Developer DBA Admin, All in one package

Void, a place of no return

Born to Code, Live to Debug


No Email, No Work

OCD Obsessive Coding Disorder

Show your Geeky Side

You are CSS to my HTML

The Original Computer Print Delete

Engineer Definition

GEEK in Binary

I know CSS very well

Try and Catch

The internet is broken

Don't mess with a PSADMIN

Get in the line (Code)

DBA Characteristics

I Write PeopleCode

Developer , DBA, Admin - Venn Diagram

System is slow because you wrote a bad SQL

This is my coding shirt

There is no Cloud, it's just someone else's computer

There is no place like

sudo rm-rf. Don't Drink & Root

Declare variables not war

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