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SQL Monitoring in OEM 12c

SQL Monitoring was instrumented and available for command line use in the first release of the Oracle Database 11g. The graphical user interface to monitor active running SQL made its debut in Grid Control and Database Control Basically, the data from the GV$ views, is aggregated and presented in a user-friendly interactive fashion […]

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Enabling Automated SQL Tuning in Oracle 11g

You need to identify if Automatic SQL Tuning job is enabled and regularly running. Use the following query to determine if any Automatic SQL Tuning jobs are enabled: SELECT client_name, status, consumer_group, window_group FROM dba_autotask_client ORDER BY client_name; If the Automatic SQL Tuning job is enabled, you will see something like this:       […]

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Automated SQL Tuning in Oracle 11g

Oracle Database 11g made it easier for the less experienced to have a shot at SQL tuning, which was earlier considered to be a bastion for veteran SQL tuners. A typical Oracle SQL tuning process had the following steps: Identification of high-resource SQL statements and bottlenecks Generating and interpreting execution plans Extracting data from the […]

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Performance Tuning by Identifying Poor SQLs using v$

To a user, an application is never fast enough to satisfy his/her needs. Similarly, to a database administrator, an application is never fast enough to satisfy the needs of the user community. Perception and unreasonable expectations are definitely a cause. However, , insufficient hardware, poorly tuned application code, a poorly tuned database, or an architecture that doesn’t […]

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