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PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler Options

Purpose of this article is to answer FAQs about PeopleSoft and COBOL Compilers and let you know the PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler options you have.

Some PeopleSoft applications use routines written in COBOL. Since COBOL is primarily suited to batch processing, you’ll likely use COBOL with applications like PeopleSoft Payroll. There are two components for running a PeopleSoft Cobol: a runtime engine and a compiler. You will typically only have a few named persons that will actually use the compiler, but you could have up to thousands of runtime users, based on the usage of certain applications.

When do I need a PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler?

Some products within PeopleSoft HRMS, FMS and SCM use COBOL routines. PeopleSoft CRM, EPM, and Portal solutions do not use COBOL routines. For a complete list of PeopleSoft products that contain routines written in COBOL, check this: PeopleSoft Products in Cobol

Which PeopleSoft products require a COBOL compiler?

For your reference, we’ve attached a Cobol Validator spreadsheet attached above. You will find a listing of PeopleSoft Enterprise products and an indication of whether COBOL is required for that product. The criteria for determining whether COBOL is required for your PeopleSoft product is based on the following:

  • COBOL code is in the product that is delivered on the CD; or,
  • There is a required dependency with another product that has COBOL delivered under their product on the CD. A “required dependency” means that a customer has to have this other product along with their product.

Examples include:

General Ledger has COBOL that is delivered on the CD, so the COBOL requirement is “yes”.
Resource Management has No COBOL they deliver (and no required dependency on a product that has COBOL) so the requirement is “no”.
Supply Planning has no COBOL they deliver, but they have a required dependency on Inventory (who does deliver COBOL), so the requirement is “yes”.

Which product do I need, and which version?

To determine which version of which product you need, please check the certification tab on My Oracle Support to determine the certified products and versions.

Why is a Cobol compiler not included with the PeopleSoft software?

Not all PeopleSoft customers or products require a COBOL compiler. If a customer needs one, they have the freedom to decide which platform they’d like to run it on, as well as which vendor they would like to select. If customers already have an enterprise license for one of the certified compilers, they would not need another license.

How to Buy Cobol Compilers

If you have licensed any products that rely on COBOL, you must have a COBOL compiler in order to initially compile the code when installing the software, and to re-compile the code if any fixes are necessary. Customers are given a choice of COBOL compilers to use with PeopleSoft. Options include Micro Focus and IBM compilers.

Micro Focus has two main COBOL Compiler suites:

  • Net Express – Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Server Express – UNIX platforms.

IBM has several certified COBOL compilers on various OS platforms, namely:

  • IBM COBOL for Windows
  • IBM COBOL for zOS

You can logon to My Oracle Support and then go to the Certification tab to determine your COBOL compiler and version options that have been certified with your PeopleSoft application and selected operating system.

Can I use a different COBOL Compiler from a vendor like Fujitsu?

Oracle has expanded customer choice in COBOL compilers recently; IBM AIX COBOL as well as Windows COBOL are now certified COBOL compilers for PeopleSoft. IBM COBOL for zOS continues to be a certified compiler as well. See the Certifications database for currently support release details. Only Micro Focus and IBM COBOL compilers are supported with PeopleSoft.

Where do I buy a COBOL compiler license, and how much does it cost?

To purchase a compiler license, contact either IBM or Oracle for a COBOL compiler license quote.

IBM Cobol Compilers:

If you select an IBM COBOL compiler, you may contact your IBM sales representative, or send an inquiry to the following email address to get more information about current discounts and programs that may be available:

Micro Focus Compilers:

Oracle is the exclusive reseller of the Micro Focus COBOL compiler for use with PeopleSoft applications. Oracle/PeopleSoft has negotiated a competitive price for a compiler package that includes a license covering an unlimited number of run-time users. This is crucial for a PeopleSoft Enterprise system because the same run-time license for Micro Focus from another vendor would invariably be priced on a per-CPU basis and result in a much higher price.

When you purchase a Micro Focus license from Oracle, your license from Oracle will include a support contract and you do not need a support contract with Micro Focus. Though PeopleSoft/Oracle discourages you to customize the delivered Cobol code and does not provide support for customized code, you still have the option to write customized Cobol code to be used in PeopleSoft and use Micro Focus compiler to compile the delivered Cobols.

Several years ago, PeopleSoft used to deliver compiled Cobol code – not any longer! PeopleSoft/Oracle only delivers source code of Cobol programs. This was done to avoid the potential for mismatches in compiled versions shipped by Oracle/PeopleSoft, and newer versions of the COBOL Runtime Engine/Compiler at installation time. It is safer having the source programs re-compiled during the installation process. This also has the added benefit of reduced number of binaries shipped on the CD or to be downloaded.

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