(PerfMon Agent) Failed to Deserialize GetAgentIDResponse

(PerfMon Agent) Failed to Deserialize GetAgentIDResponse in AppServer Logs

Depending on the PeopleTools version in use, your appserver logs (i.e. APPSRV_MMDD.log) files may or may not contain error messages related to: Failed to deserialize GetAgentIDResponse error

If your appserver logs do not contain such entries, you are in luck! If your appserver logs contain such entries, good luck to you reading the actual thing you are looking in the appserver log with all these messages!!!

You will see messages similar to:

PSAPPSRV.3481145 (242) [2022-07-07T16:21:09.779] - - - (2) (PerfMon Agent) Failed to deserialize GetAgentIDResponse.
PSAPPSRV.3481145 (242) [2022-07-07T16:21:09.779 GetCertificate] - - - (2) (PerfMon Agent) m_adminMessageTranslator->translateGetAgentIDResponse failed.
PSAPPSRV.3481246 (239) [2022-07-07T16:21:14.576 GetCertificate] - - - (2) (PerfMon Agent) Registration failed

How to Remove "(PerfMon Agent) Failed to Deserialize GetAgentIDResponse" Messages

The easiest way to get rid of such error messages is by updating your psappsrv.cfg file.

Filename = psappsrv.cfg, which shows the following:

;Set the value to 1 to Enable PPM Agents,0 to disable PPM Agents
EnablePPM Agent=1

If you saw the PerfMon error messages in the appserver logs, it means that your PPM agents are enabled i.e. EnablePPM Agent is set to 1.

To disable performance monitor agents on the domain, disable the PPM Agent parameter by setting it to 0 i.e.

;Set the value to 1 to Enable PPM Agents,0 to disable PPM Agents
EnablePPM Agent=0

Make the change in all the domains you need to and reboot those domains to remove the "(PerfMon Agent) Failed to deserialize GetAgentIDResponse" messages!

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