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How To Bypass PeopleSoft SignOn Page

PeopleSoft access is controlled by user id/password but sometimes you would need to publish a PeopleSoft page to public i.e users who don’t have access to PeopleSoft. Lets say you want to show the PeopleSoft career page on your company’s website where applicants can apply for job. As these application won’t be having access to your PeopleSoft environment you would need to setup a way for them to bypass the signon process.

Steps to setup bypass of PeopleSoft signon page are mentioned below:

Step 1: Configure Settings in PIA

In PIA, Navigate to Peopletools > Web Profile > Web Profile configuration
Click on Search and choose the appropriate web profile(DEV).
Go to “Security” tab and in the “Public User” section , enter the valid login details
eg. User id = VP1 Password = VP1
click on Save.

Step 2: Update Web server Configuration File

On Webserver, Navigate to $PS_HOME/webserv/domain/applications/peoplesoft/PORTAL/WEBINF/psftdocs/website/
Open file and enter the following

Step 3: Test and Post the direct link

Now you can directly access any page inside the PeopleSoft application without logging into the PIA.
Just provide the URL for the page and access it.