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How To Verify Integrity of PeopleSoft Image Files And Perform Check Sum

If you get error anytime when trying to import PeopleSoft Images then you need to make sure that all the separate files for a particular image were downloaded completely without any issues. Sometimes even if the download window may show download as complete but there might be something missing. To verify the integrity of PeopleSoft Image Files, you can quickly follow below steps to verify the MD5 and SHA-1 of the image files.

Step1: Download Microsoft’s free File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV) from here.
Step2: Install and extract the FCIV
Step3: Go to Oracle Support download page for the image files and note down the checksum values for MD5 and SHA-1. You need to check ‘Show Digest Details’ to view the SHA-1 and MD5 hash values.


Step 4: Run FCIV utility to calculate the check sum for the downloaded files.
Calculate MD5 and SHA-1 value for a particular file

fciv.exe -both file_name

e.g. fciv.exe c:\setup\


Checksum for all the files in a directory

fciv.exe -both directory_name

e.g. fciv.exe -both “F:\Imagedump\PUM HCM Image6”


Compare the values generated by FCIV tool with the values shown on Oracle Support Download page. If generated values matches the values shown on Oracle support then it means that download was complete, otherwise download and merge image files again.