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New Features in PeopleSoft Update Manager in PeopleTools 8.57

Peopletools 8.57 currently available for Cloud customers, will soon be available for rest of the customers. While you wait for general release of PeopleTools 8.57 you can still take a look at its new features.

To review new features in PeopleTools 8.57, you can simply download latest PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager) images. For FSCM, latest PeopleSoft Image 30 is on PeopleTools 8.57 and you can download and deploy this to get a hands on PeopleTools 8.57.

In addition to all the new features delivered with PeopleTools 8.57, you can use new feature in PUM if you wish to apply maintenance to your PeopleSoft 9.2 application.

Here are the new features in PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager) that are delivered with PeopleTools 8.57 and are present in latest PeopleSoft Image.

  • The Update Manager dashboard contains four new analytics. The new pivot grids are: – Multilingual Bugs by Language. – Bugs By Image Applied From. – Bugs By Dependency. – Customization Impacts By Bug.

  • Update Manager Dashboard contains a new menu item to Integrate with the CFO Tool. Using this tool, you can use the CFO Tool to search for updates and then create an update package based on your selections.

  • You can automatically generate Change Package definitions in either PUM or Change Assistant using previously saved searches.
  • Standard system searches are now available in the Define Change Package wizard for common use cases. These searches are available in PUM, as well as Change Assistant.

Complete guide to new features in PeopleTools 8.57

Here is a video from Oracle about these new features in Update Manager.

What do you think about PeopleTools 8.57 or any of its new features? If you wish you can share your PUM experiences in comment box below.

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