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PeopleTools 8.53: Benefits of PeopleSoft Update Manager

PeopleSoft Update Manager is introduced for PeopleSoft 9.2 applications and is used to ease the task of application maintenance in terms of patches, fixes and bugs. One PeopleSoft Image per product  will be released periodically by Oracle and used to create a local PeopleSoft environment using Oracle Virtual box. Using PUM PIA application, customers can search for the bugs, patches of fixes that they want to apply and create change packages. Then using Change Assistant this customized change package will be generated and deployed on target environments.

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Benefits of using PeopleSoft Update Manager

1. Bundles and Maintenance packs are gone: You no longer need to apply bundles or maintenance packs. Just search and select the changes you want and then create a customized change package to be deployed on your target environment.

2. Only one Change Package to be applied: Earlier if you wanted to apply multiple patches, maintenance packs or bundles, they all needed to be applied one by one in a particular order. But now you just have only one cumulative change package to apply.

3. Automatically includes dependencies: If you choose to apply a particular fix and it has few dependencies, then PeopleSoft Update Manager will automatically add those dependencies to the customized change package.

4. Shows currently installed updates: PUM also shows you what is currently installed in your PeopleSoft environment which makes selection process really fast and easy.

5. PeopleSoft Image Released on fixed Schedule: Oracle will announce the release of PeopleSoft Images in advance so you know when the new Image is going to be available. This will help you in planning resources and doing analysis before the Image is available.

6. Quickly address critical issues: As you will have the latest PeopleSoft Image installed on your local environment, you can search for updates and patches in that local copy.

7. Reduce Manual steps for patching:  PUM will automatically remove those updates which are already applied to your environment. This will help in reducing time and effort spent in analysis, preparation, patching and verification.

8. No requirement of DEMO environment: Customers on Oracle database, don’t need to maintain a separate DEMO environment as the PeopleSoft Image can be used as a DEMO environment. Customer using other database or multi-lingual platform will need to maintain a separate DEMO environment.


  • Randy Moran says:

    Prashant — couple of questions:
    1. This is a TOOLS 8.53 capability. Can you use PUM with functional version 9.0? or is it only operational on v9.2 forward in conjunction with tools 8.53 or later? AND
    2. I noted somewhere that PUM “requires” a stand alone server — what are those requirements? And does this an absolute requirement or the preferred/supported approach?

    Thank you for the informative blog!

    • Prashant says:

      Hi Randy
      Thanks for your feedback. Please see my answers below.
      1. PUM can only be used with PeopleSoft 9.2 applications. If your application is at PT8.53 + Application 9.0(or < v9.2), then you won't be able to use PUM. 2. To configure and use PUM, user needs to deploy PeopleSoft virtual machines which are delivered by Oracle. Deployment of these virtual images requires a physical server with virtualization enabled. This is a requirement which needs to be met to deploy PeopleSoft Images. Hope it helps. Thanks - Prashant

      • Chris Cramer says:

        Hey guys,
        I wanted to weigh in on what the PUM images will run on. The certified method is to run the image from Virtual Box on a bare metal OS. However, I’ve been testing alternate configurations based on some customers’ requirements and been able to make the following scenarios work:
        Convert the PUM from OVA to VMDK and deploy on ESX.
        Run PUM from virtual box on a virtualized OS.


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