Module Codes for PeopleSoft – PeopleSoft Tutorial

Module Codes for PeopleSoft

There are code names for each module in PeopleSoft. Once you know these codes, you will find them pretty handy when you come across a particular PeopleSoft record or a PeopleSoft object.

Here is a quick cheat sheet for the PeopleSoft modules, by 2 letter prefix, and a short description what they are used for:

AD – Student Admin – Admissions
AV – Student Admin
BP – Benefits
CC – Student Admin – Contact Information
EG – Education and Government – Public Sector
FA – Student Admin – Financials
FE – Student Admin – ISIR
FG – Federal Government
FM – Student Admin – Federal Methodology
FU – Student Admin – INAS Functions
GL – Student Admin – Global Files
GP – Global Payroll
IM – Student Admin – IM Formulas
IN – Student Admin – Interim Need Analysis
PA – Pension Admin
PI – Payroll Interface
PL – Student Admin – Plus Work Area
PR – Student Admin – CSS Data
PS – North American Payroll, Benefits
PT – PeopleTools
SF – Student Admin – Financials
SR – Student Admin – Student Records
TA – Student Admin – Tax Parameters


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