PeopleSoft DBA Interview Questions – Part3

1)      Tell about yourself and responsibilities ?
2)      What are the  basic day to day activities?
3)      What is report notes?
4)      What is jolt?
5)      What is PIA?
6)      What are the basic services?
7)      What is the PeopleSoft security?
8)      In 7.5 to 8.8 what is the security difference?
9)      Difference in All ID?
10)  How did you set Timeout Problem?
11)  What is snap shot too old error?
12)  What is undo segment?
13)  What are the different types of backups?
14)  What is the size of Database?
15)  What is object Migration?
16)  How do you move objects from one instance to another instance?
17)  What is the path of Migrating object from one instance to another instance?
18)  What is DDDAudit and SYSAudit difference with examples?
19)  What is the basic steps for PSOracle installation?
20)  What is the segment management Auto?
21)  What is the difference between DataDictionary Management Table Space and Locally Managed Table Space?
22)  How did you find the size of your database?
23)  What are different types of backups?
24)  How did you rename your logfiles?
25)  What is Oracle Exports?
26)  What is the Major difference between Hot and Cold backup?
27)  Did you work with SQR?
28)  What is application designer?
29)  What is DataMover Script?
30)  What is the difference between PSSAMSRV , PSQRYSRV?


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