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What is JOLT and related processes

PeopleSoft application server relies on Jolt, a companion product that co-exists with Tuxedo, to handle all web requests. In other words, Jolt is the bridge between PeopleSoft application server and the web server (any supported one) that facilitates web communication. Tuxedo helps schedule PeopleSoft application server processes to perform the actual transactions.

When the application server is booted up, Jolt server listener (JSL) is bound to a pre-configured port number and is actively monitored for incoming web requests. On the other hand, web server instance(s) are made aware of the existence of all Jolt listeners in a PeopleSoft Enterprise by configuring the hostname:port# pairs in each of the web domain’s configuration.properties file.

JOLT is essentially a Java-enabled version of Tuxedo. JOLT will communicate with Web server rather than an individual Windows client. Inside the application server, it is functionally a mirror image of tuxedo


Process monitor the network for connection request sent from JAVA client (typically process running on Web Server) once a connection is established the JSL (JOLT status Listener) handles the client to JSH to handle the ongoing communication.


The JSH maintains a persistent connection to the java client until request or data have been satisfied. The BBL talks the JSH which PS process in the appropriate on to use.


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