PSAPPSRV failed to boot | PeopleSoft Tutorial

PSAPPSRV failed to boot

If you get an error like PSAPPSRV failed to boot – there may be several possible reasons for the same. The list is endless, but in this post, we’ve tried to list the common causes of the error “PSAPPSRV failed to boot.” PSAPPSRV boot failure is not so common and is usually associated with a new domain you would have created while doing a PeopleSoft upgrade or creating new PeopleSoft instances.

Possible Solutions:
1. Check whether the userid and password are correct.
2. Try to connect in 2-tier using sysadm,people,& ps id
3. Give select on psdbowner, psaccessprfl,psoprdefn,psstatus using sysadm & people
In case you are not able to do so…
a) create public synonym for the tables and grant select to the userid
eg: create public synonym psoprdefn on psoprdefn;
grant select on psoprdefn to people;

4. Check the DBname in psdbowner is same as the one we are workin in.

If not able to debug till now,reset the password for the user and encypt it.

If problem still not resolved, Change the accessid’s(sysadm) password.
Go to datamover and give the following command
change_access_password sysadm1 new_password;
Encrypt the password
encrypt_password *;
If still not resolved

Update the psaccessprfl table using the details of the instance from which it was refreshed
(Update psaccessprfl same as the source instance psaccessprfl table)

update psaccessprfl set accessid=’sBzLcYlPrag=’,accesspswd=’sxfcAoJNmqg=’,encrypted=1