What are Tuxedo Processes | PeopleSoft Tutorial

What are Tuxedo Processes

TUXEDO stands for Transactions for UniX Extended for Distributed Operations. Tuxedo is one of the most important base on which PeopleSoft Application Server is based. When an application server is booted there are several Tuxedo services that are started along with other Application Server processes.

A)  BBL: ( Bulletin Board Liaison)

The Bulletin Board Liaison (BBL) is a the main Tuxedo Engine unless the BBL is loaded nothing on the application Server will work. BBL directs process to SPAWN or DECAY. It also directs all communication traffic, sending data request to the appropriate program for processing.

B)  WSL: (Work Station Listener)

This process monitors the network for connection request send from Windows client.Once a connection is established the WSL hands the client to WSH process to handle the on going connection.

C)  WSH : (Work Station Handler)

The workstation Handler Maintains persistent connect to the windows client until request for data have been satisfied.