Steps for a PeopleSoft Installation | PeopleSoft Tutorial

Steps for a PeopleSoft Installation

PeopleSoft installations need to be done in a certain order to minimize the issues, which arise with installation. Following are the sequence of steps you need to go through for PeopleSoft installation. These steps are generic and give you an idea of the overall process irrespective of the software, hardware and PeopleSoft/PeopleTools version you decide to go ahead with.

Steps for a PeopleSoft installation:

  1. Complete preparation and decision making.
  2. Install RDBMS software
  3. Install Webserver – IBM Websphere or Oracle Weblogic
  4. Install Oracle Tuxedo
  5. Install PeopleSoft PeopleTools and related software like Verity/SES.
  6. Install Multi-lingual software if using multiple languages
  7. Install PeopleSoft application software
  8. Setup workstation file server
  9. Setup Database and test Database connection
  10. Setup application server and test connection to application server
  11. Setup PIA and test PeopleSoft login in 4-tier
  12. Setup Process Scheduler
  13. Setup Change Assistant and CIA
  14. Install and Configure Cobol (if used)
  15. Install SAP Crystal or BOE (if used)
  16. Complete all the steps like installing nVision, integrating SES, setup PeopleBooks etc.
Apurva Tripathi