What is PeopleSoft DPK? | PeopleSoft Tutorial

What is PeopleSoft DPK?

With release of PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle introduced the concept of DPK i.e. Deployment Kits. Before we discuss about DPKs, we need to learn about how PeopleSoft system works.

You might already know that PeopleSoft architecture comprises of different layers i.e. Database Server, Application Server, Web Server and Process Scheduler. When you deploy a PS environment, you firstly install Database Server, create and configure App server, web server and process scheduler. This process also involves installation of multiple software such as Database Software, PeopleTools, Application, Tuxedo, Web Server Software etc. All of these activities take a lot of time and needs to be done in a particular order for everything to work fine.

What are PeopleSoft Deployment Kits?

Deployment Kits (DPKs) as the name suggests consists of utilities that are used to deploy PeopleSoft environment automatically. DPKs consists of scripts and configuration files that can be used to automate installation of necessary software needed for deployment of PS environments. Post installation of software, DPK can be used to create PS database, create and configure App server, Web server and Process Scheduler. DPKs gives you the flexibility to choose what part of PS installation and system configuration you want to automate.

Using DPKs , you can deploy PS App server, web server and process scheduler in under 30 minutes. This serves as a real advantage when you have to deploy PS environment quickly to handle any additional load on your servers.

How to use DPKs & What are different types of DPK?

DPK files can be downloaded from Oracle Support. DPK can be used to deploy PeopleSoft in full-tier, mid-tier, deploy tools client only, install software only, install app domain only install pia domain only etc. There are 2 main types of DPK files – PeopleTools DPK and Application DPK.

  • PeopleTools DPK – These files available to download for PeopleTools patch can be used to deploy all tiers of PS architecture except PS database. If you already have PS database, then you can use PeopleTools DPK to quickly scale and add app server, web server or process scheduler. You can also choose to install just the software and PeopleSoft Homes.
  • Application DPK – Application DPK files are available to download as PS Image files. These image files were previously available for deployment in Virtual machine management software such as Virtual Box. Application DPKs can be used to deploy a fully functional PS application including Database.

Once downloaded, DPK files automate setup of PS environment using Puppet and Hiera. Puppet is open source software which allows automation and Hiera is used for configuration. Using default configuration provided with Hiera files, Puppet is used to deploy PS environment.