Difference between PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

It’s very easy for someone to get confused with PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager but both have really simple explanation. One is referred to the set of features use to get cloud like features and another is used to move and deploy in-house PeopleSoft environments to Oracle Cloud.

Difference between PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA) and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager (PCM)

PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture(PCA) refers to set of features and applications that enable PeopleSoft customers to experience the benefits of software deployment on cloud such as rapid provisioning , automated patching, dynamic scaling etc. 

Organizations can quickly scale, apply patches and deploy PeopleSoft applications within minutes which is very similar to benefits provided by cloud.

This can be achieved using PeopleSoft Deployment Kits that are used to automatically deploy PeopleSoft environment. Deployment Kits contains all the necessary software that is required for deployment of a PeopleSoft application. It includes Database software, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle WebLogic, Database client, PeopleTools, PeopleSoft Application Home etc.

PCA allows you to deploy PeopleSoft application on cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud etc. as well as on your in-house infrastructure. To use PCA features such as Deployment Kits (DPKs) you don’t need to have PeopleSoft application running on any Cloud.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager(PCM) is something that helps you with deployment of your in-house PeopleSoft environment to Oracle Cloud.

Using PCM , you can move your dev, test or PRD environments to Oracle Compute Cloud in a very short time and then manage those very easily using utilities and administration features available on Oracle Compute Cloud.

Though PCM also uses deployment kits to package customer environment but PCM can only work with Oracle Cloud and not any other cloud service such as AWS etc.

So if you don’t use Oracle cloud and not planning to move your PeopleSoft applications to Oracle cloud then you don’t need to use PeopleSoft Cloud Manager but you can still use other PCA features.


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