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PeopleSoft Jobs and Schedule JobSet Definitions

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler enables you to schedule one or more processes as a group. The terminology you use to identify such a group in PeopleSoft is known as a PeopleSoft Job or PSJob or just job in short.

A PeopleSoft Process is defined as a single task, program, or routine, such as a COBOL program or an Application Engine program or a SQR that runs either on the client or on a server.

A job consists of one or more processes of the same or different types that are submitted as a unit and can run either in series or parallel. They require the scheduling support that only a server environment can offer and all processes must be API-aware.

Scheduled JobSets enable you to schedule a recurring job and in addition, each process within a job can be altered to set up its own runcontrol parameters or set output destination options or set the operating system where the process is to be scheduled.

There are a few features that are available when scheduling JobSets that are not available with recurring jobs:

  • You can have different run control ID for each process within a job.
  • Job items can be run from different operating systems or servers.
  • Job items can run at specific times.
  • You can change attributes to any job items.

Is created a job or a schedule jobset definition and need to update or delete those, you have a look at the data in the below tables and update/delete them accordingly.

Schedule JobSets Tables:


PeopleSoft Jobs Tables:


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