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Learning PeopleSoft Application Engine

PeopleSoft Application Engine is a PeopleTool designed to help you develop and process high volume, background data processing in batch or online mode.

In PeopleSoft Application Engine, a program is a set of SQL statements, PeopleCode, and program control actions (that enable looping and conditional logic) defined in PeopleSoft Application Designer that performs a business process. You can use PeopleSoft Application Engine for straight, row-by-row processing, but the most efficient Application Engine programs are written to perform set-based processing.

PeopleSoft Application Engine does not generate SQL or PeopleCode – it executes the SQL and PeopleCode that you include in an Application Engine action as part of your overall program.

PeopleSoft Application Engine is designed for batch processing where you have a large (or small) amount of data that must be processed without user intervention. For example, you can use an appengine program to update hundreds or thousands of employee data rather than having to update each one of them manually online.

Learning PeopleSoft Application Engine:

It is hard to imagine an organization, which has PeopleSo0ft application installed but does not make use of Appengines or Application Engines. Oracle PeopleSoft has several appengines programs delivered and several are custom made by an organization. Appengines are the backbone of an organization’s PeopleSoft application.

Usual expectations from an an appengine program include  – it has to run fast and deliver as designed. It is also not uncommon for appengines to fail and you having to identify root cause of failure, which could be data related or a programming error. Whenever such an issue arises – you need to have the issue resolved ASAP. If you support a PeopleSoft application – it is a must for you to have mastered application engine in order to meet client expectations and SLAs.

With this in mind, our team has created a comprehensive course to help you learn and master PeopleSoft Application Engine. Click here see the details of PeopleSoft Application Engine Training Course.




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