PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Run Status Codes

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler run status codes are very important. This is because these run status codes are not visible online and you will need them in case a process or a job has not run properly. You might need to find out the possible reasons of why a job or a process has malfunctioned and not run properly.

Also, if you want to implement some kind of monitoring for critical jobs or processes, it is good to know PeopleSoft process scheduler run status codes.

For example, in the PeopleSoft process output, you will see a message like this:

Error message “Killed…” when starting Process Scheduler
Details:  Error message “Killed…” when starting Process Scheduler

There are many reasons for this error being displayed. the most common one being the Process Request table not being purged or the Process Scheduler tables being corrupted.
Most of the times customer resolve this by copying the working database over to the database that does not work. Also delete process that are in the following run status : Initiated ( and have failed, but status didn’t change to Error ), Success, Unsuccessful, Delete, Cancel, Error

Following is the list of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Code and Status

1   – Cancel
2   – Delete
3   – Error
4   – Hold
5   – Queued
6   – Initiated
7   – Processing
8   – Cancelled
9   – Success
10 – Not Successful


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