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Invalid date in function DateValue. (180,113)

Though this is a common problem – it shows up in a lot of different scenarios. The error is very similar and is “Invalid date in function DateValue. (180,113)”

For example, you can try to look at my benefits summary page on Employee Self Service.  The date defaults to say 2014/04/20, when you select the calculator, you may get an error message about the date format you entered is wrong.  Try a different format other than YYYY/MM/DD and you will realize that it does not work either. Ask your co-worker and he/she may very well be able to submit the date with the calendar tool.

The error “Invalid date in function DateValue. (180,113)” looks something like this:

Invalid date in function DateValue. (180,113)While it looks like one, but it may not be a data issue or an application issue.

One of the key solution, which you may not find documented is that you need to check your language settings in the browser used. Check Internet Settings and ensure that the language selected and the data input are in similar formats. For example, in this case the language preference in the browser was set to European English.

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    Hi Apurva,
    iam also stuck in same problem.
    getting error with this function for some user profiles .
    but this is user profile specific & seems to be same US language problem.
    Could you please guide where all should I chjeck for the issue.


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