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How to Turn On Logging for BI Publisher or XML Reports

Do you have an issue related to BI Publisher or XML Reports and need to see the logs related to it? Turning on logging for BI Publisher or XML Reports is quite different as compared to say turning on logging for application engine programs.

Running BI Publisher Reports in debug mode helps to narrow down the problem whether in the XML data file/Template file /Application people code/App engine. XDO Debug creates XDO.log file with detail logging information and the files that are created during the XDO logging are related XML, XSL, Translation (XLIFF) and Template files such as PDF, RTF, XSL in the temporary directory specified in LogDir parameter.

How to Turn On Logging for BI Publisher or XML Reports

1.  Create a file named xdodebug.cfg and place it under PS_HOME\JRE\Lib folder on the Application Server as well as the Process Scheduler machine.

2.  The file should include the below lines.

Under Windows:


Under Unix:


3.  Create the LogDir directory which has been specified in the xdodebug.cfg file. Also, ensure that the directory is writeable by the LoginID, which owns the scheduler processes.

4.  Retest the issue.

5.  Check the files created in the specified LogDir (xdodebug) directory.

6.  Remove xdodebug.cfg when finished replicating the issue.

The logging is specifically useful for troubleshooting the Template(RTF/PDF) or Data File(XML file) specific issues. The generated XML file is the actual data file which is run from the MS Word Design Helper Preview mode to narrow down the issue.

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