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Emailed BI publisher report shows BIP Attachment as file name

In PeopleSoft, emailed BI Publisher reports shows the report file name as ‘BIP Attachment.pdf’ instead of the actual output file name. If you’re trying to fix this issue, you’re in the right place.

Here is a screenshot of test report that I ran and using process scheduler I set it to email the output file in PDF format. When the report was previewed in outlook, it showed the file name as ‘BIP Attachment.pdf’. The actual file name for this test report was ‘My Test Report.pdf’.

Even if the file output type is changed from PDF to XLS or any other allowed file type, still the file name shows ‘BIP Attachment.’ e.g. for output type as XLS, it shows ‘BIP Attachment.xlsx’ in outlook preview.

However, if you try to save the file, it will show the actual file name.

It’s odd !!

If you’ve worked long enough with PeopleSoft, you know that odd things happen in PeopleSoft all the time.

Why does Outlook shows the incorrect BI Publisher file name when the actual file name is what you’ve set it up to be. In this case, actual file name is ‘My Test Report’ as it’s shown below when trying to save the file.

Resolution for BI Publisher shows BIP Attachment as the file name:

This happens due to a known Oracle bug which was fixed in PeopleTools 8.57. If you are facing this issue, here is how to fix this.

Open the application class ReportDefn in application package PSXP_RPTDEFNMANAGER.

Scroll down and find the following line

&email.AddAttachment(&AttachFiles [&i], %FilePath_Absolute, &efnames [&i], "BIP Attachment", "", "");

Comment out the above line and add the following code.

&email.AddAttachment(&AttachFiles [&i], %FilePath_Absolute, &efnames [&i], &efnames [&i], "", "");

Save the code & test again.

New emailed file should have the actual report file name instead of ‘BIP Attachment’. See below preview from outlook email.

BIP Report issue fixed

This should fix the issue with BI Publisher report not showing the correct file name in outlook preview.

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