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Encrypt_Password DMS

A PeopleSoft dms command, Encrypt_Password is used to encrypt one or all user passwords (user passwords and access passwords). It is a DataMover command and it cannot be used outside of DataMover.Also, you need to run this command in Bootstrap mode. Atleast one user has to be present in the PSOPRDEFN table for this command to work.




If you want to encrypt passwords for all the userids, you use asterix (*) otherwise you need to mention the userid for which you want to encrypt the password.

Usage Examples:




There are some parameters you can use with the encrypt_password dms. They are LOG, NO COMMIT, and NO TRACE.

Usage Examples:

SET LOG c:\temp\encrypt.log;




In PSOPRDEFN, there is a field called ENCRYPTED.

ENCRYPTED=0 means that the password is plain text and not encrypted

ENCRYPTED=1 means that the password is encrypted

When you run encrypt_password, it goes through each row in PSOPRDEFN and encrypts all the passwords that are not encrypted i.e. have encrypted=0. It ignores all the rows that have password encrypted i.e. have encrypted=1.

The number of iteration is equal to number of users in PSOPRDEFN + ACCESSID

Here are some outcomes, which will be useful for you when resetting password from the backend.

1. If ENCRYPT = 0 and PTOPERPSWDV2 is not encrypted.
– Password should get encrypted successfully. Message in data-mover will be ‘Password hashed for <UserID>

2. If ENCRYPT = 0 and PTOPERPSWDV2 is encrypted
– It will error out saying ‘Unable to update password field.

3. If ENCRYPT =1 and PTOPERPSWDV2, is not encrypted.
– It will show a message like ‘Password already hashed for <UserID>

4. If ENCRYPT =1 and PTOPERPSWDV2, is encrypted.
– It will show a message like ‘Password already hashed for <UserID>

Please Note: Oracle recommends to set the password for user through front-end only i.e PIA and not from the backend.

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