PeopleTools 8.54 : New Features in PeopleSoft Application Engine

by Prashant on July 30, 2014

in PeopleSoft Basics

PeopleSoft Application Engine for PeopleTools 8.54 has been updated with new features especially with more options for AE Trace settings. This post will help you understand new AE features with 8.54 and how to use those.

Application Engine trace file split

You can set the file size of the Application Engine Trace file. Whenever the file size exceeds the defined file size value, the file will close and the log will shift to a new file. By default minimum size of trace file is set to 20MB and maximum can be set to 1500 MB.

Parameter – AETFileSize


Application Engine trace file naming convention.

The naming convention for the Application Engine Trace file with a process instance will include the Date/Time stamp.

Application Engine program section trace.

In previous versions, the trace file included output of the Application Engine program with all the sections. With PeopleTools 8.54, you can select the sections to trace output in the Application Engine Trace file.

Parameter – TraceAEEnableSection


Application Engine trace file with PeopleCode and SQL trace outputs.

You can combine the trace output for both PeopleCode and SQL into Application Engine Trace file. If the value is set to Y, then PeopleCode and SQL Trace output will be merged into AET file, otherwise PeopleCode & SQL trace output will be in .trc file in the same directory as AET file.

Parameter – TraceAECombineOutput


Optional to commit AE Changes

You can opt not to commit the changes for application engine program to the database, if the application engine program is running from Application Designer. When you choose to run the AE from Application Designer, simply check ‘No Commit’ option.

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Use of Global Temporary Tables in AE Programs

You can define Temporary Tables as GTTs in the Application Designer. This feature can be applied to application Engine programs running in both batch mode and online mode. The data in GTT is session specific for Application Engine programs running in batch mode and transaction specific for Application Engine programs running in online mode. But GTTs in online mode cannot be shared between Application Engine programs. Each Application Engine program has its own set of GTTs.

Therefore, it is recommended that GTTs should not be used as Share Tables in online mode. You can also define GTTs to re-startable batch Application Engine programs considering that the data in GTT will not be retained when the program exists.


These are the new features for PeopleSoft Application Engine in Tools 8.54. Let us know which one of these have you implemented.

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Abdul Mateen August 19, 2014 at 8:36 am

Hi Prashant,

I am having issue with upgrade of PeopleTools 8.54.02 upgrade.

I am not able to configure CA 8.54.02 to perform PeopleTools upgrade.

I tried to configure the CA as per document provided. Getting below error:
The database is at release 8.53. The PeopleTools being run require databases at release 8.54.

Note I have fallowed the Doc ID 1901364.1 with no luck

E-UPG : PT8.54 The database is at release 8.53. The PeopleTools being run require databases at release 8.54 (Doc ID 1901364.1)

Solution is not working:

When defining the database in Change Assistant for this Upgrade, be sure to fill out the new PsHomes information and check the ‘Set Path Information’ checkbox.

The current PsHome is the old release (e.g. 8.53.x) and the new PsHome is 8.54.

Our Environment Details :
PeopleTools 8.54.02
Piller : FSCM 9.2
DB : – PSU)
Oracle Client : – 64 –Bit

Please help me to resolve this issue asap.

Thanks in advance.

Abdul Mateen


Prashant August 19, 2014 at 9:46 am

Hi Abdul
PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade information and change package was released yesterday. Could you please let me know the document that you’re following to perform PT8.54 upgrade.?


Rafa October 19, 2014 at 3:15 pm

Hi Abdul,
You probably solved this already, but if someone is facing same issue.
I just did the upgrade from 8.53 and to solve the issue I had to fill out the new PsHomes.
Current PsHomes should point to 8.53 folders, and New PSHomes to the 8.54.
That’s all. Hope it helps.


Ravikanth September 4, 2014 at 4:19 am

Hi Apurva/Prashant,

I got the same error when I try to login to app designer using PS. I am doing fresh install with PT 8.54 / PS HCM 9.2
“The database is at release 8.53. The PeopleTools being run require databases at release 8.54”
I followed all steps until TASK 7 of 8.54 peopletools installation guide. Before proceeding further I checked version info from PSPSTATUS. It gives me 8.53.

Is this a bug? Please let me know how you resolved it.



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