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PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPK Installation Locations

When doing native PeopleSoft PeopleTools VCD installation – you had to install several software separately and provide several locations as input during the installation process. For example, you had to provide PS_HOME, JDK Home, Tuxedo Home etc.

When carrying out PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPK installation, you would be asked to provide only the location of PeopleSoft Base Folder and no other location. So, where does all the software get installed? Let’s have a look at the PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPK installation locations.

PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation Locations:

DPK Base Directory (referred to as BASE_DIR) is the directory wherein the below mentioned directories get created when you use PeopleSoft DPKs for the installation purpose; for example C:\psft:

  • BASE_DIR/dpk
    1. Archives from the PeopleSoft DPKs get extracted here.
    2. The Puppet YAML files for the installation configuration are installed here. The exact location of the YAML file would be BASE_DIR/dpk/puppet/production.
  • BASE_DIR/pt
    1. PeopleSoft components get deployed in this directory.
    2. PS_HOME is installed by default in this location. The default naming convention is  <BASE_DIR>/pt/ps_home<peopletools_patch_version>. For example C:\psft\pt\ps_home8.56.06 would be the PS_HOME for PTools 8.56 patch 06.
    3. PS_APP_HOME is installed by default in <BASE_DIR>/pt/<app>_app_home, where <app> is the
      PeopleSoft product, such as fscm_app_home.
    4. Oracle Tuxedo gets installed by default in BASE_DIR/pt/bea/tuxedo; for example C:\psft\pt\bea\tuxedo.
    5. Oracle WebLogic gets installed by default in BASE_DIR/pt/bea/wlserver; for example C:\psft\pt\bea\wlserver.
    6. JDK gets installed by default in <BASE_DIR>/pt/jdk<version>; for example C:\psft\pt\jdk1.8.0_131.
    7. Relevant PeopleTools client software gets installed in BASE_DIR/pt/tools_client.
  •  BASE_DIR/db
    1. As the name suggests, BASE_DIR/db is used for Oracle database full-tier installation.
    2. Oracle database server software is installed by default in BASE_DIR/db/oracle-server.
    3. For a full-tier installation, Oracle container database (CDB) and pluggable database (PDB) files and tables for the PeopleSoft application are installed by default in BASE_DIR/db/oradata.


Apurva Tripathi