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PeopleTools 8.54 : New Features in PeopleSoft Application Designer

The most important tool for any PeopleSoft Developer is PeopleSoft Application Designer and any enhancements or update to this tool impacts PeopleSoft Developers. Oracle does deliver few changes to Application Designer features every now and then with PeopleTools releases.

With release of PeopleTools 8.54, Oracle has again added few more features to this already robust tool. Features added to PeopleSoft Application Designer 8.54 are:

Disable Row Highlighting in Grid:

By default, when a grid has more than one row, and an end user hovers the mouse over a row or selects the row, the system highlights that row to indicate it is the row of current focus.

However, this can be distracting or unnecessary for some interfaces for varying reasons, such as the number of rows in the grid, the form factor of the device displaying the page, and so on.


PeopleTools 8.54 allows you to disable the row highlighting feature for grids. You can now select the Disable Row Highlighting display option on the Use tab of the Grid Properties dialog box.

Enable Long Edit Counter for Long Edit Box:

Long edit boxes do not limit the number of characters that a user can enter in the browser, regardless of any limits defined in the underlying record field. As such, characters entered by the user that exceed the field length of the field definition may be truncated. For example, if you enter 012345678901234 into a long edit box associated with a field with a field length of 10, the input would be truncated and saved to the database as 0123456789.

To help users avoid this situation, you can select Enable Long Edit Counter on the Long Edit Box Properties, Use tab.


With this option on, a counter appears below the long edit box on the page, notifying the user how many characters can be entered before reaching the field limit (N characters remaining).


Updated Dynamic Toolbar for Page PeopleCode & Record PeopleCode:

Page PeopleCode and record PeopleCode can be viewed with fewer clicks using the toolbar rather than the menu item. With a page definition or a record definition open in the Application Designer workspace, the dynamic toolbar now displays a button for this quick access to the associated PeopleCode for that page or record definition.

Added Filtering Options when using Find Definition Reference:

With PeopleTools 8.54, in Application Designer, when using the Find Definitions References feature for field and record definitions, you can now search within a set of specific definition types. This focuses the search for references, yielding fewer results, making searches more efficient.

Find Definition References for Fields                 Find Definition References for Record