WSNAT_CAT:1008:ERROR: Could not establish listening address on network

Depending on your configuration and tracing level enabled, you may see one or all of these error messages in Tuxedo log when you try to bring up the appserver.

LIBTUX_CAT:250: ERROR: tpsvrinit() failed
JOLT_CAT:1079: “ERROR: Error starting mininum number of handlers”
JRAD_CAT:1008: ERROR: Could not establish listening address on network
WSNAT_CAT:1008:ERROR: Could not establish listening address on network

As the error suggests – the port number that the Tuxedo process is attempting to start listening on is not available. Usually the port number is not available because it is either in use, invalid, or the hostname/IP address specified for that address is invalid.

You can run a command “netstat -an ” to get a list of port numbers in use. You can then then either kill the process that is using the port in question, or specify a different port number in the configuration file.

Sometimes it might be easier to reboot the server than to find if the port number is in use or not and then identifying who is using and what to do with it.

When you start the application server, it spawns new several processes based on the Min and Max Handlers specified for the Workstation Listener and Jolt Listener. You need to make sure you have your ports spread out between the WSL and JSL to accommodate the Max Handlers value for the Workstation Listener. For example if you are using port 7000 for WSL and have a Max Handlers value of 8, ports 7001 – 7008 will be used as well. In this case, you will need to set the JSL no less then 7009.

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