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Processes Queued in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

In Peoplesoft, many times we face the error like the reports are in queued staus for a long time & even if we run more reports, they also go in the same status.

There could be number of reasons for it:

  1. Process Scheduler could be down. Check the status in Process Monitor> Server List
  2. If it is a report, check whether the report is present on the process scheduler file server..
  3. Check if there is no memory to be allocated. Check virtual memory.
  4. Tablespace could be filled. Check the same and if need be increase the size of the respective tablespace.
  5. Possibility could be that database Server might not be having enough space on the disk.
  6. In most of the cases if one process is in queued status, it will make all the new process to remain in queued status. This happens mostly in the case of Application Engine Programs.In that case we can go ahead and clear all the Process instances other than Success/ Posted. This can be done from the Process Monitor page itself.

In case, you don’t have enough rights to perform delete as specified in #6, you can also refer to the below Run status of Process Instances in Process Scheduler table i.e PSPRCSRQST.

Process Scheduler Run Status
1- Cancel
2- Delete
3- Error
4- Hold
5- Queued
6- Initiated
7- Processing
8- Cancelled
9- Success
10- No Success
11- Posted
12- Not Posted
13- Resend
14- Posting
15- Generated

To resolve this , shut down the process scheduler and clear the cache. After this, run the below SQL in the respective database using Access ID (usually ‘sysadm’ in oracle & ‘sa’ in MS SQL Server).

select count(*) from psprcsrqst where runstatus<>'9';
delete from psprcsrqst where runstatus<>'9';