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Process Scheduler Runstatus Values

You can use PeopleSoft Process Monitor to view the status of a process. But there may be situations when you need to run SQLs against the process scheduler tables. For example, the PeopleSoft process scheduler tables are out of sync and you need to run queries to clean the tables etc.

If you want to find status of a process, you can query the PSPRCSRQST table but the table does not contain status in text form like "No Success" or "Success" or "Error" etc. You instead need to make use of PSXLATITEM table in PeopleSoft, which is a table used for storing values of translate values of the field.  

But if you know what each value in the field FIELDVALUE corresponds to, you can easily understand and debug the issue.

Runstatus in Process Scheduler 

Below are the runstatus values and their corresponding text values, which you can keep handy.
1            Cancel
2            Delete
3            Error
4            Hold
5            Queued
6            Initiated
7            Processing
8            Cancelled
9            Success
10           Not Successful
11           Posted
12           Unable to post
13           Resend
14           Posting
15           Content Generated
16           Pending
17           Success With Warning
18           Blocked
19           Restart

You can make use of the below SQL to get the above output:


You can take the value of runstatus from PSXLATITEM and join with other table like PSPRCSRQST table to replace runstatus value with text value.

Apurva Tripathi