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PeopleSoft Update Manager: PI_HOME inaccessible

When configuring PeopleSoft Update Manager using Change Assistant, you are required to map pi_home directory on your local system . If you don’t map the pi_home, Change Assistant configuration won’t finish and you can’t generate and apply patches using PUM tool.

Below are few things that may help you in fixing this issue.

1. Make sure you are trying to access correct PeopleSoft Image.

PI_HOME directory will only be found in the share for PI (PeopleSoft Image). If you’re trying to access share for Upgrade Source or Demo Image, you won’t find pi_home directory there.

PI_Home share

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2. Check whether IP Address for PI is correct

Log into the PI using root user id and type ‘ifconfig –a’ command to get the IP address.


Then go to your local windows machine’s run window and try to access the share. For e.g. if the IP address is, try this



Go to pi_home directory and map it on your local machine.

3. Disable Local Security Policy

On the Local machine, Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy and make sure that “Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)” is disabled as shown below.


If you don’t see this option on your local machine, make sure you have administrator rights.

4. Check the VPN settings

You may face issues when you’re connected to VPN and then try to access the share. Try to connect after disconnecting the VPN.

5. Make Local Copy of PI_HOME

You may face above issues when you try to access pi_home from a network machine. If after trying above options, your issue is still not resolved, then go to the host machine and access the pi_home share and copy the contents of pi_home directory onto the machine on which you’re running the Change Assistant.

Go ahead and provide this path in your Change Assistant Configuration.

I hope above suggestions may resolve the inaccessibility issue of PI_HOME directory on PeopleSoft Image.


  • Hazel says:

    We did HCM 9.2 upgrade and we have pi_home from upgrade source of HCM 9.2. Please update your post if this is related to other application e.g. FSC 9.2 .. Thanks.

  • Ron says:

    I created a VM for PUM-16A. When accessing the PI as noted, the only folder is “tools_client”. How do you suggest creating “pi_home”? Thanks

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