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PeopleSoft Upgrade Accelerators


Most of the organizations using PeopleSoft applications are either upgrading their existing PeopleSoft applications to PeopleSoft 9.2 version or are planning to do it in near future. Upgrading a PeopleSoft application can be a huge effort and requires consideration of so many things especially money & time and we all know “Time is Money”.

To reduce the upgrade time, many consulting firms that perform the upgrade have developed their own Upgrade Accelerators. In simple terms, Upgrade accelerators are tool/tools that are used to reduce the time & effort taken by upgrade activities. After some research, we have created a list of upgrade accelerators provided by different IT companies.

NTT DATA Upgrade Accelerators

  • ChangeStar – Helps in real time estimation for retrofitting efforts by providing an understanding of the level of Customization in existing PeopleSoft application
  • SQRretfit – Automates SQR Retrofitting so a lower version SQR can run in a newer version of the PeopleSoft application
  • WinODC – Automates the data conversion and record upgrade process
  • SecMatrix – Identifies custom permissions and roles defined in the system and helps upload the same into the newer versions during upgrades
  • MOF – Reduces issues caused by missed objects overlooked in the retrofit process

Source (NTT DATA)

L & T Upgrade Accelerators

  • Cdetector : Useful in finding customization. Helps in retrofitting and data conversion effort estimation.
  • BridgeTheGa : Reports page level customizations. Facilitates Fit Gap analysis.
  • MapTable : Compares table structures between two application versions. Useful in data migration.
  • MOP : Identifies retrofitted objects missed during migration due to oversight.
  • ProbeSQR : Generates list of records used in SQRs & SQCs. Helpful in impact analysis & retrofitting.
  • LabelRep: Reports field labels which cannot be translated. Useful in multilingual upgrade.
  • Security Matrix: Useful in security retrofitting. Helps in tracking security changes.
  • QueryCompa: Compares PSQuery output between source & target. Helps in expeditious query retrofitting.

Source (L&T Infotech)

Hexaware Technologies Upgrade Accelerators

  • Probe: Assesses the customization of a phantom PeopleSoft application
  • TableSpace Optimizer: Analyzes the table space size on the new production copy
  • CSVCompare and AutoCompPro: Facilitate the process of generating CSV compare reports and  updating the “take actions” during the upgrade compare and copy
  • Audit Analyzer :Documents and automates the audit cleaning process
  • Scripter: Splits the alter scripts to have it run in parallel and in an  optimized mode
  • PeopleSoft Customization Identifier: Identifies list of customized and newly created objects in PeopleTools and PeopleSoft application objects; also identifies the level of customization the in the database
  • Batch Customization Identifier: Identifies the Deleted/Added/Modified SQRs in the PeopleSoft environment
  • SQR Impact Analyzer: Automates the process of identification of impacted SQRs and minimizes retrofitting/re-customization effort
  • PeopleCode & A/E Analyzer: Automates the process identification of impacted new PeopleCode and A/E program; eliminates the manual effort in going through all non-impacted programs
  • Restart Logic SQC: Minimizes the time taken to run SQRs, provides a “save point” for SQRs that run on massive tables, and helps restart from the save-point in case a problem occurs in the middle of running the SQR
  • AE Retrofitter: Automates the entire process of retrofitting. Assists data conversion process for an error-free, smooth conversion.
  • Permit: This tool automates retrofitting of new permission lists created in PT 8.x version to PT 8.4x compatible.

Source (Hexaware Technologies)

IBM Upgrade Accelerators

  • Customization analyzer: A tool for Structure Query Report (SQR)/Structure Query Compiler (SQC) impact analysis and effort estimation. Generates a user-friendly Microsoft Excel report with the modified, added, deleted objects information, and summary of affected objects with the counts. Estimates the impact and time required for upgrade
  • SQR/SQC utility: A tool for analyzing customizations. Includes deleted, added, modified objects, which generates summary and summaries objects and counts report. Automates manual process and provide an output report listing the impacted SQRs and SQCs along with the names of the relevant records and record fields.
  • Fit gap analysis template: Accelerates performing high-level fit gap analysis for report, interface, conversion and enhancement (RICE) objects
  • PeopleSoft RICE estimator:  Facilitates finalizing the effort estimate, project timelines and upgrade costs

Source (IBM)

BirlaSoft Upgrade Accelerators

  • QuickRun – Multithreads the scripts execution for faster processing
  • Recover – Failure Recovery and restart tool
  • Assess – Analyzes the customizations for batch programs
  • Sia – Impact analysis for SQR programs
  • Pcdscan – Advanced scan tool for PeopleCode programs
  • Sqlscan – Advanced scan tool for SQL objects

Source (Birlasoft)

Help us expand this list by providing your inputs and let us know if you’ve developed any PeopleSoft accelerators.